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Our founder, Terry Grindlay, passed away August 24, 2012 after a seven year struggle against ALS and chronic lyme disease. Terry was a loving husband, a great dad, an avid hunter, a humble soccer coach and a wizard at tax preparation. He will be greatly missed by his business partner and wife, Karen; his children, family and friends.

Terry started the firm in Seymour in 1983 and grew the practice to specialize in farms and small business which continues to this day. Terry built the firm to give clients excellent customer service and to be "more than just accountants". We will continue Terry's legacy in providing excellent service to our existing and new clients.

Grindlay & Grindlay, PC is a CPA firm specializing in small business development, tax planning, and agriculture taxation.  

We limit our practice to growing small businesses and farmers so that our clients can benefit from timely, quality service that saves them money. 

We know a lot of the services we provide are some of the more unpleasant aspects of your business.  Not many people actually enjoy paying taxes, filing returns and keeping the books, so we try to make your experience as pleasant as possible.  Here are some ways that we try to help:

  • Periodic phone calls to our clients to "check up" on things.
  • No charge for phone calls to answer your questions or concerns.
  • We provide summaries and graphs of your financial data in easy to understand format.
  • We offer payroll processing services to free up your time.

Top ten reasons to call your accountant during the year:

  1. You're selling real estate.
  2. You're going to gift property.
  3. You're going to buy or sell a business.
  4. You're tired of not deducting your medical expenses.
  5. You're overwhelmed by your bookkeeping system.
  6. You've received a tax notice from the IRS or other authority.
  7. You're worried about your retirement.
  8. You're afraid your taxes will be a lot higher this year.
  9. You're troubled by the thought of your children's future education costs.
  10. You want to hear a friendly voice.  

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our customer service, please contact us

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